How “Breatharianism” works – The Science of Light and Water


Harald Walach
Prof. Harald Walach: “We cannot see what we cannot explain.”

“We cannot see what we cannot explain.“ These words were spoken in an interview during the filming of “In The Beginning There Was Light“. Professor Harald Walach was referring to a blind spot among scientists when it comes to phenomena that do not fit into existing theories and explanatory models.

When scientists hear about breatharianism they normally don´t even consider the possibility that it could be an authentic phenomenon. They claim that no explanatory model for it exists. “Human bodies work like complex combustion engines“. This dogma was created in the 18th century by the father of modern chemistry,  Antoine Lavoisier. Although this model has been shown by countless scientific studies to have huge flaws, when it comes to nutrition it still predominates the worldview of western science and much of mainstream thinking.

Fritz Kahn - The cykle of Virtue and Substance : 1929 (1)
Classical science implies that we only live on caloric energy like complex combustion engines. It’s the outdated Calorie Theory that still predominates mainstream thinking.

The accepted “truth” is that the physical body machine works on fuel which it finds in the form of food and nothing else. This results in the dismissal by mainstream academia of all stories about breatharians as fraudulent deceptive impossibilities.

There are only a handful of scientists worldwide who are even open to the concept of breatharianism, BiGu, “Living on Light“ or whichever other name this phenomenon may be known by.

In Collier’s Weekly, February 9, 1901 Nicola Tesla one of history’s most brilliant minds and prolific inventors wrote “Why should a living being not be able to obtain all the energy it needs for the performance of its life functions from the environment, instead of through consumption of food?“

Nicola Tesla Quote Picture
Nicola Tesla, perhaps the most important inventor of modern times, believed that “Breatharianism” is possible.

Despite his invention of AC-electricity, which made worldwide electrification possible, and countless other revolutionary discoveries (including the very first remote control), when he started saying things like this he was called a freak.

It has almost become the norm for scientists to completely disregard these types of ideas.

So you can understand my surprise when a Professor of Bioengineering from the University of Washington contacted me stating he would be interested in seeing my film. But he had an even greater surprise for me.

After watching my film he revealed something that would shed amazing insight on the mystery as to how this could be possible.

“Your film is mesmerizing“, wrote Dr. Gerald Pollack and “I might have an explanation for you as to how this works.“


Professor Gerald Pollack: “I might have an explanation for you how breatharianism works.”

“Few people believe in prolonged survival without food. The usual question is, “where could the energy come from?” My research published in the book “The Fourth Phase Of Water” provides a possible answer: Light. Experimental evidence shows that light imparts energy to water, including body water. That energy may, in some instances, provide enough energy for sustaining life.”

I highly recommend reading Dr. Pollack‘s book. Before I try to summarize his research in a nutshell I want to point out that we are talking about the work of a highly respected scientist whose research papers have all passed peer-reviews by other highly qualified specialists.

So this is hard-core, fact based science and not just someone’s loosely formed opinion.

Gerald Pollack, who received his PhD in biomedical engineering works as a Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington since 1981. He specializes in water research.

Together with his team he was able to demonstrate that there exists a fourth phase of water besides liquid, solid and vapor.

fourth phase
A key to understand the phenomenon of breatharianism on a physical basis – the mysterious Fourth Phase of water, sometimes called “living water”.

Our body’s cells are filled with this fourth phase water whose properties differ from normal liquid water so far as to even having a different chemical formula: H3O2 – instead of the normal H2O.

When water freezes or melts it transforms also via this fourth phase of water. When you watch freezing water you can observe this gel-like stage of water on the surface before it transmutes to the solid stage. This thin layer, which is highly structured under the microscope, is fourth phase water, also referred to as EZ water—EZ standing for “exclusion zone”— as it profoundly excludes solutes and separates itself from normal liquid water.

grüner See
The bright greenish look of fresh spring water or melting water from glaciers shows the high percentage of “Fourth Phase water” that contains fluorescent particles (“Light”).

Contrary to normal water EZ water has a negative charge and a fluorescent shimmer. You can see this greenish blue shimmer in fresh spring water or melting water from glaciers. It‘s “living water full of light“. A connection to the Bio-photon research of Fritz Albert Popp becomes immediately apparent.

But let’s get Dr. Gerald Pollack’s own words to explain:

“The fresh experimental evidence cited in the book and many papers not only confirms the existence of such an ordered, liquid-crystalline phase, but also details its properties. It is more viscous, dense and alkaline than H2O and has more oxygen since its formula is H3O2.  As a result, it has a negative charge. And like a battery, it can hold energy and deliver that energy as needed.“

Water Battery (1)
Professor Pollack’s team even managed to build a “water battery” – producing electricity just containing water – bulk water and “Fourth Phase water”.

The team of scientists at the Pollack Laboratories in Washington even built a battery containing nothing but water – liquid water and fourth phase water. They were able to extract electricity directly out of this water battery because it was charged with light.

“The energy for building water structure comes ultimately from the sun. Radiant energy converts ordinary bulk water into ordered water, building this structured zone.

Central to the existence of that fourth phase is light, for light energy builds that phase. Ambient infrared light — literally free energy, is sufficient to maintain that phase. Additional light expands the phase. The examples above imply that through the vehicle of water, humans exploit that light to drive many processes. This energy source may help explain why some people can get by with little or no food intake.“

Body Water
We are “bubbles of living water” – permanently charged by the environment.

Essentially this means that humans are moving “bubbles of fourth phase water“ and are constantly charged by their environment. However it must be noted that not every environment has equal capacities of charging our body water with energy. When I interviewed Grandmaster You Xuande about the BiGu Masters in China he said “You should practice BiGu not in the cities but only in nature, where the Qi-fields are ordered and you find a lot of negatively charged ions.“

Grandmaster You Xuande explains the importance of the right environment for practicing BiGu/Breatharianism, namely the ordered Qi-fields and the negatively charged ions of intact nature.

When I conducted the interview in the Wudang Mountains with a Chinese monk I found it astonishing to hear him speak about negatively charged ions. Upon hearing of Dr. Pollack’s water research it suddenly all made sense.

“The earth, intact nature, has a negative charge“, Dr. Pollack told me, “You don‘t even need to be in direct sunlight. You can sit in a dark cave and get charged by nature.”

This also shows that stories of yogis and Qigong masters sitting in caves for years without eating and without direct sunlight – just being “charged“ by fresh air with a lot of negatively charged ions and the invisible radiation of the earth aren’t nearly as implausible as one might think.

This leads us to consider that sitting in an air-conditioned hospital made out of ferroconcrete does not seem to be a very nourishing environment even with access to natural light through its windows.

Could this be why breatharians often under-perform in clinical studies? After all, it‘s kind of like trying to demonstrate a sailboat’s performance in an indoor swimming pool. If there‘s no wind, it won‘t sail.

“When I‘m in the city, four days in Vienna, it‘s nice to have a liter of soy milk in the evening. But when I am in nature, all I really need is air and water to live a full life“, states Alpine Yogi Omsa Rohrmoser in my film.

Alpine Yogi: “When I’m in the city, it’s nice to have a liter of soy milk. But when I am in nature, all I really need is air and water.”

This all shows that breatharians are not completely independent from their environment. They are simply capable of being nourished in a non-caloric way.

We still don‘t understand all the processes involved in this non-caloric nourishment. In his article “Can Humans Harvest The Sun‘s Energy Directly Like Plants?“ Dr. Pollack describes that the eyes, direct sunlight and melatonin support these processes. The Biophoton Research of Professor Popp also contributes to the physical understanding of this strange phenomenon.

Let‘s summarize.

We have clear scientific indications that all humans are nourished not only by food but also by a non-caloric source of energy. The percentage differs from person to person and from situation to situation. In completely normal people it‘s up to 25 percent while evidently being much higher in a breatharian.

Scientific studies show that not only breatharians, but also normal people “produce” more energy than they consume calorically – the mysterious “unmeasured energy”.

Scientists have found that the percentage of this so called “unmeasured energy“ actually gets higher the less we eat.

The final point I would like to make in this article is that not only can eastern medical traditions but western science help us to understand how this “unmeasurable energy“ enters the body.

We now have solid explanatory models based on solid science that should allow us to understand and thereby accept that this phenomenon may actually be possible.

And yet a big question still remains: Why does this work better for some and not for others? This leads us into questions regarding consciousness and mind/matter interaction. These are wonderful exciting topics which will continue to be explored in future articles.

We now have an explanation model how breatharianism works on a physical level. But why does it work for some people so much better than for others? This is where probably Mind-Matter Interaction comes into effect – a whole new area of research.

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