Misunderstanding “Living on Light” a.k.a. “Breatharianism”  –  Hazards, Opportunities, and Media Stagings

Hardly any other topic is so passionately misunderstood as “Living on Light.” This leads to discussions, arguments, and polemics. Deaths related to the so-called 21-day-process and other Breatharian rituals are also tragic facts. The warning against extreme and dangerous fasting experiments is undoubtedly important. Unfortunately, these sad accidents are also often used to discredit the serious consideration of non-caloric nutrition itself. Because addressing the topic of “Living on Light” also offers great opportunities.

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QI – Why everybody is “Living on Light”

While Breatharianism is still highly controversial, modern science as well as eastern medicine show us that to a certain degree everybody is “living on light”. We are all drawing energy from a source unknown by classical science.
An article about the mysterious power of Qi.

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